SXSW Recap

SXSW 2015 was fucking incredible. So much so that it’s taken me a week to recover and even think about writing about it. After booking my hotel a year in advance for the wrong dates I was forced to book a much more expensive hotel that was much further away. Two weeks before SXSW that my friend QW qoudn’t be able to make it, so I was scrambling to find a way to make it work when I reached out to my friend’s brother (and amazing artist) Alec Hamilton and was able to stay at his place in Austin. From there on out minus a few bumps in the road everything just started falling in place.

On Tuesday (the first official day of SXSW Music) I found out that Flyaway had jumped 10 spots up to #13 on the CMJ Hip Hop Charts. I was able to use this to my advantage in breaking down a lot of barriers. Walking 12-15 miles per day all across Austin was exhausting, but all the awesome people I met and connected with made it all way more than worth it.

I fell in with Peter Rosenberg’s crew and was able to get backstage at a Producer Panel and a couple ICM Partners shows with them. At the Producer Panel I met one of my biggest influences Just Blaze as well as Young Guru, Manny Fresh and KLC. Later on at the first ICM show I met Earl Sweatshirt and his manager Leila as well as some people from Casey Veggies camp.

The next night I connected with a guy that does session work with Kendrick as well as Prince Charlez (one of Beyonce’s chief songwriters) and went to a crazy house party thrown for the Jimmy Kimmel crew. This house was in the middle of 6th street but you would never know it was there. Inside was a sprawling labrynth of rooms and a 4-5 story high intricate glass ceiling. I swear it was like the Tardis (bigger on the inside) there was even an indoor pool!!

Saturday I met with the guy that books all sxsw hip hop acts and connected with two dope groups out of the ATL iNDEEDFACE and EARTHGANG (you guys should all go check them out!) I also met and connected with one of my long-time favorite rappers Fashawn and top notch producer Exile.

Sunday I recconected with my friend Hip Hop (Hip Hop Since 1978) , watched the Badger’s edge out Oregon to make it to the sweet 16 then hit up one of the last shows of SXSW. After that Hop and I rode around Austin 3 days as he dropped library’s worth of knowledge on me. Being able to kick it with and learn from someone as incredibly successful as Hop definitely made driving 22 hours from Madison to Austin more than worth it.

I know I’m forgetting at least 2/3 of the major things that happened down at SXSW but it’s exhausting even wakling through it all again in my mind so I’m gonna leave it off here and let some pictures do the rest of the talking.